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“The Golden Isles at War” was first broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting, but one of the film’s producers, Jack English, offered a holiday preview to members of Civil Air Patrol in observance of CAP’s 75th Anniversary Year. The one-hour documentary recounts the impact of World War II on Georgia’s Golden Isles. It tells a story of Civil Air Patrol, Liberty Ships, blimps, U-boats, community, hard work and patriotism as told through those who lived it. Vintage Civil Air Patrol photos and interviews with CAP members tell about the coastal patrols along the Georgia shoreline, which occurred during the earliest days of the war. As a result, CAP is central to the storyline of the film. It is available for viewing. …. Let us know what you think at scox@capnhq.gov!

Here’s the link: The Golden Isles at War

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Civil Air Patrol was officially tasked with a wartime mission on December 1, 1941. Our mission was to patrol the home skies and help protect the homeland against attacks from German U-Boats. It wasn't until 1946 however, that Congress granted us our charter as Civil Air Patrol. Since that time CAP has been the official auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force. CAP members are charged with three missions:

Aerospace Education. CAP promotes aerospace education both to our own members and to the general public.

Cadet Programs. CAP provides a Cadet training program for the nation's youth that is officially recognized by the U. S. Air Force.

Emergency Services. CAP continues the work of providing assistance to those in need through our Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief programs.


CAP’s Cadet Program trains young men and women in leadership, character development, and aerospace education. Beyond that, CAP challenges its cadets to excel through a military based leadership program where they earn rank and increased responsibility. Cadets also learn military history, customs and courtesies, and technical skills that will serve them well into adulthood. Through local training events, encampments, as well as other national level programs, cadets can broaden their horizons, learn to assume responsibility, gain self-confidence and set goals for their future.


Are you interested in making the difference in the life of a young adult? If so, then the CAP senior member program is for you! The CAP Cadet Program needs adult volunteers who are willing to serve a cause that is larger than themselves. We are always looking for new people to join our team. A CAP senior member serves in many different roles. If you have a military background and/or enjoy the thought of working with young adults in a structured environment then we want to talk to you. The program is also open to adult volunteers that are interested in our Emergency Services Program. Please stop by the Squadron during a Tuesday evening meeting and talk to us in person or send your background information and your thoughts about how you would like to contribute to our Squadron Commander. NOTE: All prospective adult volunteers are required to pass an FBI background check.

Cadet Programs


Aerospace Education


Emergency Services

The mission of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is to provide the youth of our nation with a quality program that enhances their leadership skills through an interest in aviation, and simultaneously provide service to the United States Air Force and the local community.
CAPR 60-1


CAP Aerospace Education Programs implement the AE mission’s goals and objectives. These AE programs provide an understanding and appreciation of aviation and space exploration in our world. Aerospace education communicates knowledge, skills, and attitudes relating to aerospace activities and the total impact of air and space technology upon society.
CAPR 50-1


CAP provides services to conduct search and rescue (SAR), disaster relief (DR), Homeland Security (HLS) and other public assistance missions. Many missions are in support of persons in distress and should be conducted competently, expeditiously, and in a professional manner. Proper training, thoroughness, and timeliness cannot be overemphasized.
CAPR R60-3(I)




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