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Aurora Composite


Unit Commander: 1Lt Eric Church, CAP
Email: eric.church@orwgcap.org

Mailing Address Meeting Address
Addr1: 23115 Airport Road NE box #4 Addr1: 23115 Airport Rd NE
City: Aurora City: Aurora
State: OR Zip: 97002 State: OR Zip: 97002


Aurora Composite Squadron
meets at
23115 Airport Rd NE at 6:30-9:00pm Tuesday

Additional Notes are: Visitors welcome!

Aurora Composite Contacts

URL https://auroraor.cap.gov
PHONE: 503-332-1039

About Us


Color Guard

Approximately 25 Civil Air Patrol cadets, ages 12-18, from Clackamas, Washington, Multnomah and Marion Counties attend Aurora Squadron's weekly meetings for training and activities that focus on youth leadership.

Our cadets receive structured training with materials derived directly from the United States Air Force, Military Academies, and Air Ground Schools. This program provides learning opportunities in a safe, challenging, and real-life environment. Skills are developed in teamwork, public speaking, improved study habits, organization, and task completion. Exercise is encouraged through physical training. In addition, we stress the value of America’s military, and the importance of its air-power and science programs, through our aerospace education classes.

Our ultimate goal in training these youth is to shape them into our nation’s future leaders. We desire to see them become functioning members of society utilizing themselves to their full potential. Please join us in this valuable endeavor.

If you are not familiar with Civil Air Patrol and this is your first contact with us, please take a moment to visit the About CAP section of the website.

Aurora Composite Squadron is proud to be the recipient of the Quality Cadet Unit Award for 11 consecutive years. We are one of 19 squadrons out of 969 active units who have received 11 or more consecutive awards in the 12 years it has been given. We are the only squadron in the Pacific Coast Region to have received 11 or more awards.

Information on award qualification is available here.

We hope to receive a 12th award in September.

Aurora's Color Guard team participates in various community parades around the Portland area.

We have a recurring opportunity to present the colors for the Korean War Veteran's Association's Memorial Day and Korean War Remembrance ceremonies. We regularly present at the North Clackamas Christian School's Veterans' Day ceremony.

From Memorial Day until Labor Day of 2022 the color guard will participate in at least 7 ceremonies.

Participation on the team is open to all cadets in the Squadron.

See the Photo section to see pictures of previous events.



Meeting Schedule

Uniform of the Day


18:00 Staff Arrives
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:00 Activities
        - Classes
        - Drill
        - Testing
        - Teamwork
        - Physical Training
        - Promotion Board
        - Admin Time
        - Guest Speakers
20:50 Closing Ceremony


Uniform of the day (UOD) for squadron meetings:

1st week: ABUs
2nd week: Blues
3rd week: ABUs
4th week: PT
5th week: Civilian

1st week: Leadership/Promotion Boards
2nd week: Character Development
3rd week: Aerospace Education
4th week: PT
5th week: Family/Civies night

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