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Message from Lt Bales

September 15, 2021

An excerpt from a memorandum from the Oregon Wing Commander, dated 4 AUG 2021:

"ORWG is in Phase III and we will continue until the safety factor requires a change. 

The only change in procedures is that all indoor meetings and activities will require the wearing of masks by all who attend in person. Fully vaccinated personnel may remove their mask once outdoors.

Aircrews and Vehicle transport members will need to wear masks while inside the aircraft or vehicle. Fully vaccinated personnel may remove their mask outside the aircraft or vehicle.

I fully understand your frustration however we will continue to be active and serve the state of Oregon and our nation."

Stay safe and follow the Center for Disease Control’s instructions for staying healthy.


1st Lt Garry Bales, CAP
Squadron Commander
Aurora Composite Squadron


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