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 If you've had a chance to read the "About Us" page, you can see from CAP’s beginnings that the volunteer men, women, and cadets from across the nation have dedicated themselves to performing Civil Air Patrol’s "Missions for America."  We would love to have you on the team!

We invite you to be our guest for an evening at one of our weekly squadron meetings.  One of our squadron members will give you a tour during our regular meeting activities, present you with informational pamphlets, accompany you for the evening and answer any questions you might have about CAP.  There is no military service obligation for joining Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet or Senior Member.

Our meetings are held at:

Aurora State Airport
23115 Airport Road NE

Aurora, OR 97002

We meet in the hangar adjacent to Willamette Aviation on Tuesday evenings  from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.

Please come by the headquarters on any Tuesday evening for a tour, and we invite you to remain for the full meeting.

Should you decide to join, we ask that you attend at least three Tuesday night meetings.

The Core Values of Civil Air Patrol establish a common set of behavioral expectations as well as a set of standards to assess member conduct.  The values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect, serve as the ethical framework for CAP’s service to America.

For information, please refer to CAP Pamphlet 50-2.

Online Procedure:

1) Attend three Squadron Meetings

2) Complete the online application form

3) Bring valid proof of applicant's identity.  Valid documents are certified birth certificate, U.S. passport, Social Security card, driver's license.

Alternate Procedure

1) Complete a copy of Civil Air Patrol Form 15 (CAPF 15). The applicant's parents or guardian must sign the application.

2) Furnish a health certificate if required. Although physical handicaps and disabilities do not bar membership, a cadet will be required to furnish a physician's certificate when health is questionable. In such cases, the applicant's parents or guardian, a physician, and the unit commander will determine the extent of the applicant's capabilities to participate in CAP activities. If a health certificate is required, it will be filed in the cadet's unit personnel records.

3) Turn in the completed application form and membership dues to the unit commander or the commander's designated representative.  Bring proof of identity as described on the CAPF15 application.

4) Mail the approved application form (CAPF 15) and check or money order to NHQ CAP/LMMR, 105 South Hansell Street, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6332.

For more information, speak to a senior member or refer to CAP Regulation CAPR 39-2 Civil Air Patrol Membership.

All applicants for senior membership in CAP must be accepted by the unit and higher headquarters and must meet the following criteria:

a. General. Possess the desire, willingness, and capability to promote the objectives and purposes of CAP.

b. Age. Be at least 18 years of age or be a member of the Armed Forces on active duty

c. Citizenship. Be a citizen of the United States of America or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence to the United States of America and its territories.

d. Suitability.  Be free of any unsuitable legal, military, or ethical transgressions.

For more information, speak to a senior member or refer to CAP Regulation CAPR 39-2 Civil Air Patrol Membership.

Applicants must fill out CAP Form 12 and return it to the Squadron Commander.  Applicants must also submit a completed fingerprint card.


Curry Cadet Uniform Voucher


Civil Air Patrol members are easily recognized in the community since they wear a variety of distinctive uniforms.  Members are authorized to wear the Air Force uniform with CAP badges and insignia.  Wearing Air Force blue is a tremendous way to publicly demonstrate support and affiliation with our Armed Forces and we take proper uniform wear seriously.

We try our hardest to provide genuine issue uniforms to each of our members.  Once you are a member, a member from our staff will assist with getting the necessary uniform you will need to start your career in CAP.

The Curry Blues Voucher provides Cadet Airmen with a voucher for $100 towards the purchase of the "blues" uniform.

In 2015, the overall cadet uniform program was modified to deliver faster service to cadets, ensure all needy cadets had access to funding, increase the variety of sizes available, and ensure CAP is a good steward of the taxpayer's dollar. Cadets earn their voucher by completing Achievement 1, the Curry Achievement. Still, to ensure CAP's limited uniform funds are available to all cadets, the Curry Blues Voucher requires cost-sharing with families. A full "blues" uniform costs about $150, so families are asked to contribute the difference above the first $100. After a thorough search for the best possible business partner, CAP selected Vanguard as the Curry Blues Voucher's vendor. Cadets and families tell us they receive "Amazon-class service" from Vanguard and their Curry Blues Voucher.

More information here.



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